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10 Steps to Groom your Dog at Home - 2021 Guide

Dog grooming is an important part of having a pet and an emotional support animal. It is a process in which you groom your dog and make sure that your dog is happy, healthy, and fit. Grooming is an extensive process that includes a number of different steps and tools. 

However, before bringing an emotional support animal home, you must get a valid ESA letter from a licensed mental health professional.

Since grooming involves several methods and tools that could be difficult for the dog owners to use. This is why many of them prefer taking their dogs to professional groomers and get the grooming done.

Professional groomers have the right experience to handle different dog breeds and groom them perfectly.

Dog grooming involves a number of things like nail clipping and trimming, hair trimming, and other treatments, based on the skin and hair conditions of the dog. Remember that choosing high-quality tools or a professional dog groomer is as important as a valid emotional support letter. Where grooming keeps your dog healthy, a valid letter helps you in living with your dog.

Below, we have listed and explained some of the key steps involved in grooming a dog.

Keep all the Tools at Hand and Nearby

Before you begin with the grooming princess, make sure that you have all the needed tools and supplies like scissors, nail clippers, hairbrushes, shampoo, conditioner, etc. nearby and in your hand’s reach. Dogs cannot stay still for long and if you keep leaving him alone to collect the tools, he will get distracted and you will not be able to do your job properly.

Sit in an Anti-Slip and Well-Lit place

Choose a proper place where there are minimal to no chances of slipping and make sure that the area is properly lit. Another mistake that any dog owner makes is that they tie their dog to limit his movement, which is wrong and stresses your dog further. The best way to do it is to stay focused and avoid petting your dog.

Handle the Matted Hair with Care

Matted hair is something that you must avoid at any cost and the best way of doing it is to brush your dog daily. In case your dog has got matted hair, it is better that you go slow or take him to a professional groomer.

When taking your dog to a groomer, it is better that you carry some important documents like your dog’s health care and a legal emotional emotional support animal letter to inform him about the status of your animal.

If you want to groom your dog at home, use a detangling brush or a slicker brush for it. Make sections of the hair and do not bathe your dog with matted hair.

Use Specific Tools for Long-Haired Dogs

If you have long-haired, you will need some special tools like a comb and pin brush to manage your hair. Long-haired dogs are more prone to hair mats and this is why they will need special care and you will have to groom him more regularly than a shorthaired or hairless dog.

Use Both Scissors and Clippers

Both scissors and clippers are important grooming tools that help you in grooming your dog better. When taking your dog to a professional groomer, you will not need to worry about anything but we still suggest that you carry your own scissors and clippers. If grooming at home, learn how to use both the tools properly and without causing any harm to the dog.

Keep your Dog Calm During the Process

Some dogs do enjoy their grooming sessions while others shudder at its thought. If you notice any signs of fright like shivering or trembling in your dog, it is better to take breaks in between. Another way of motivating your dog is to give him treats in between the session and show that he is doing good.

Brush your Dog’s Hair before Bathing

Bathing your dog with tangled hair will tangle the hair further and it will be difficult for you to detangle and manage it. Dogs with long hair usually have dead and loose hair and this is why it is important that you brush and remove the dead hair before bathing your dog. 

Having an emotional support dog certification is not enough, you need to make sure that you groom your dog properly and take care of these little things.

Bathe your Dog with Mild Hot Water

Dogs love water sports and could spend endless hours playing in the water. However, you should take care of the temperature of the water that you are using to bathe your dog. Do not use overly hot or cold water and keep it at a mild temperature level. Instead of using a showerhead, it is better to use a bathtub to bathe him.

Let Your Dog Dry Properly and Completely

Similar to bathing, drying naturally is also very important for your dog. Since dogs have thick coats and hair, they need time to dry out completely. You can either use a hand dryer or let your dog sit under the sunlight. Run your hands in your dog’s hair and make sure that he dries out completely.

Do Not Ignore the Nails and Ears

Both the nails and ears are an important part of your dog’s body and this is why you must not ignore them when grooming your dog. Use high-quality nail clippers to trim your dog’s nails and do not cut them way too far.

In the case of ears, it is better that you use cotton balls to keep your dog’s ears dry. If you have a dog that has drooping ears then it is better that you brush and check them regularly.

Keeping a dog asks for regular grooming and you will have to be careful about it even after getting a genuine ESA letter for housing. The letter only helps you to live and travel with your dog but to keep him healthy, it is important that you groom him regularly.